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Our office hours are:
Weekdays between 08:00–16:30
1 June - 31 August 08:00-16:00
We have shorter hours on Days before a public holiday. 
The office is closed on public holidays and so called briding days between holidays.

Post address:
Abcur AB
Box 1452
SE-251 14 Helsingborg

Visitor address:
Bergaliden 11
252 23 Helsingborg

Telephone: 042-13 57 70
Fax: 042-13 57 71

Media / press contact
Tel: +44 (0)20 3727 1000 
Email: concordia@fticonsulting.com


General questions about medicines and other pharmaceuticals are answered by MPA`s information line: +46 771 46 70 10.

Urgent matters concerning our products that occur outside office hours should be directed to the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The emergency phone number is +46 40 22 35 38
They will help you to get in contact with us.

To contact us via e-mail, please use the mail address info@abcur.se.

NOTE! As a pharmaceutical company, we can not provide individual advice regarding medical treatment. Such questions should be answered by a doctor and/or other healthcare professionals.

Reporting of Side effects/Adverse Events
On the patient information leaflet you can read about the known side effects of the drug - all medicines haveside effects, but you do not know in advance how much or little you will notice. For that reason it is important to report side effects even after a drug has been approved.

If you experience any side effects of your medicine, you are recommended to contact your doctor first. You can also report side effects yourself via the Swedish Medicines Agency's website (click here to get there) or to Abcur AB via mail to: info@abcur.se

All patient data is protected and handled anonymously.